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Akela RZ (13-99)

Round beet with good internal color and storage capacity. Strong foliage, very suitable for mechanical harvest.

Bologna RZ F1

Long cucumber Average fruit length: 34 – 38 cm Good plant vigour, parthenocarpic Powdery Mildew resistant

Boreal RZ F1



- Healthy plant - Strong plant with large dark leaves - Good balance and strong fruit setting - Fruit are stongly ribbed with small neck - End production is high in tested planting periods - Average fruit length 30cm - 34cm

Casper RZ F1(26-46)

Very smooth, white and dense head especially under warm and dry conditions. Performs well in the February/March harvest in Yuma.

Cilema RZ F1

• Recommended plant densities from 30,000 to 45,000/ha • Combines earliness with good volume • Reliable heading in different growing

Cirilla RZ

• Corn salad • Leaves are dark green and smooth • Round leaf shape • Strong against spooning • Good productivity

Deltastar RZ F1 (22-03)



Suitable for summer, autumn and early spring cultivation. It has vigourous growth and is therefore suitable for longer cultivation. Has an open plant habit and produces dark green, slightly ribbed fuits with a fruit length of 16-18cm. Fruits have an excellent shelf life and good flavour.




• Mini cucumber variety with blue leaf properties. • Strong open type plant with short side shoots • Multi fruit bearing variety • Fruits are dark green with 15-16cm length • Suitable for spring, summer and rainy season

Gianco RZ F1



- Open plant type - Good vigour - Stress resistant and can withstand sub-optimal conditions - Single fruited on stem and semi-multi on side shoots - Strong foliage and strong fruit setting - Average fruit length 18cm - 20cm

Kazinga RZ F1


• African eggplant • Oval shape • Attractive white cream colour • Early and high yield potential • Good shelf life