sosia project

-Sponsored By : RVO

SOSIA is an innovative project sponsored by RVO, aimed at tackling the challenges of sub-optimal water management faced by smallholder farmers. Leveraging cutting-edge geodata technology, SOSIA provides reliable and location-specific advice, making irrigation practices more accessible without requiring extensive knowledge. Preliminary evaluations have shown promising results, with the potential to increase irrigation water productivity by up to 50%. Additionally, improved irrigation advice could lead to reduced pumping costs, resulting in higher profitability for farmers.

At the heart of the project lies an irrigation advisory service designed especially for small-scale farmers, who form the majority in Ghana. This tailored service is seamlessly integrated with Holland Greentech Ghana's drip irrigation systems, ensuring practical implementation. SOSIA utilizes local weather data from TAHMO and GMet to offer real-time guidance, empowering small-scale farmers to optimize their irrigation schedules effectively.

The SOSIA+ tool is the epitome of innovation, providing smallholder farmers with precise information on the ideal irrigation duration for their specific crops. By avoiding over-irrigation and associated energy usage, this approach significantly reduces water consumption, leading to enhanced water security for farmers.

With SOSIA, we are committed to empowering smallholder farmers and driving sustainable agricultural practices. By equipping them with geodata-driven advice and efficient irrigation solutions, we aim to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and ensure a more resilient and water-efficient farming future.