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The Livelihood Project is a partnership between Eni and TechnoServe. The project was launched in February 2022 and will continue through December 2023. The project aimed to improve household food security and economic opportunities for farmers by strengthening their ability to participate in selected agricultural value chains and supporting (200 youth and women) high-potential entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. The program, which primarily focused on assisting individual and commercial farmers within the Ellembelle constituency pivotal on alleviating poverty and equipping them with practical experiences and skills.

The project supported Eni’s Community Investment Strategy (CIS) while promoting inclusive economic development and food security for 10 communities of Ellembelle District, Western Region of Ghana. Some of these communities were New Bakanta, Esiama, Kamghunle, Sanzule, Allabokazo, Menzizor, Atuabo among others. The part of the project, which collaborated with Holland Greentech Ghana, focused on irrigation (drip irrigation system) and supply of seeds. The installation started with two groups of the 200 total number registered. The first bath or cohort comprised of 160 farmers, followed by the second cohort made up of 40 farmers. In total, 200 farmers were the set target for the entire process.