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Akela RZ (13-99)

Round beet with good internal color and storage capacity. Strong foliage, very suitable for mechanical harvest.

Bologna RZ F1

Long cucumber Average fruit length: 34 – 38 cm Good plant vigour, parthenocarpic Powdery Mildew resistant

Boreal RZ F1



- Healthy plant - Strong plant with large dark leaves - Good balance and strong fruit setting - Fruit are stongly ribbed with small neck - End production is high in tested planting periods - Average fruit length 30cm - 34cm

Casper RZ F1(26-46)

Very smooth, white and dense head especially under warm and dry conditions. Performs well in the February/March harvest in Yuma.

Cilema RZ F1

• Recommended plant densities from 30,000 to 45,000/ha • Combines earliness with good volume • Reliable heading in different growing

Cirilla RZ

• Corn salad • Leaves are dark green and smooth • Round leaf shape • Strong against spooning • Good productivity